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Private, online therapy throughout Washington and Pennsylvania states

About me

I was born and raised in southwestern China, where I cherished the flavors of spicy cuisine, the embrace of the monsoons, and the enchanting landscape of rivers and mountains that defined my upbringing. With a childlike curiosity that dwells within me, I've always yearned to understand the diverse ways people lead their lives across the world. At first, it was through movies that I attempted to quench this thirst for understanding, but a deeper longing began to stir within me, one that yearned for real-life experiences.

The turning point arrived in 2012, when my path led me to Washington D.C, where I set out on a journey to acquire a Master's in Business Administration at Georgetown. However, a sense of fulfillment eluded me in my roles within the realms of finance and technology.

In the wake of those introspective pandemic days, I embarked on a journey that led me to Palo Alto University, where I assumed the role of a counseling student. The decision was more than a mere career shift; it was a profound calling that had been beckoning to me.

In my pursuit of understanding and empathy, I dived into two internships. In one, I connected with middle school children from immigrant families, sharing in their unique challenges and triumphs. In the other, I supported emerging adults as they grappled with career choices and intimate relationships.

Through these internships and my personal experiences, I discovered that the warmth of my heart shines most brilliantly when I have the privilege of working with adult clients driven by a strong desire for change. These remarkable individuals bring their hopes, dreams, and courage into our therapeutic space, and I am profoundly honored to be a part of their journeys towards healing, growth, and the pursuit of fulfillment.

In my therapeutic work, I embrace a holistic approach that intricately weaves together the various facets of our existence: the biological, the social, the spiritual, the cultural, and the psychological. I believe in the importance of recognizing the interplay of these elements in our lives.

My therapeutic practice is eclectic, drawing from a rich tapestry of modalities, but it finds its grounding in the existential-humanistic perspective. This perspective places a profound emphasis on the uniqueness of each individual's journey, and it allows me to connect with and support my clients in a deeply empathetic and authentic way.

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