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Therapy for couples

Entering a relationship is like embarking on a journey of sweetness and intimacy. The person you choose becomes the embodiment of all that is right in the world – their scent, touch, and appearance feel perfectly aligned with your heart's desires, fitting snugly in your embrace. At this moment, your very being is flooded with the magic of love's alchemy, and you find yourself completely and utterly enchanted by the partner you've discovered.

Yet, as time gracefully weaves its tapestry, relationships venture into the next chapter, one potentially filled with the complexities of frustration, moments of exasperation, shadows of disappointment, the weight of sadness, and the fire of fury. It's a tumultuous dance that even the most harmonious of couples must partake in.

But here's the beautiful truth: if you brave this journey together, hand in hand, heart to heart, you will emerge stronger, your love deeper and more resilient than before. It's in those trying moments that true connection is forged.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, where discord threatens to dim the brilliance of your relationship, know that there is a guiding hand that may be able to help.

Unmet expectations

If you or your partner are facing challenges in fulfilling each other's expectations, including those in the realm of physical intimacy, it may be indicative of an area where therapeutic guidance and exploration could offer valuable insights and support.


When you and your partner encounter difficulties in finding common ground for equitable distribution of financial responsibilities, it often underscores a significant area of concern that can be addressed through therapeutic means.


Communication breakdowns represent one of the most prevalent challenges in relationships, manifesting as a spectrum ranging from total communication absence, persistent miscommunication, to severely impaired communication.


When you and your partner find yourselves in a situation where each of you holds distinct definitions of infidelity or one partner engages in behavior perceived as infidelity according to their individual understanding, it can introduce complex relational dynamics and emotional distress. Exploring these disparities in perception can be a therapeutic avenue for resolution and healing.

Me as a client

“I once found myself as a client in couples therapy, and the journey was a profound one."

Why did I seek couples therapy

"The initial period of intense infatuation was followed by a challenging phase filled with heated arguments, and it left me feeling frustrated and weary. I couldn't help but wonder how my once sweet relationship had transformed into a chaotic one. It was this curiosity, this burning desire to understand and improve our connection, that led me to seek the guidance of a professional."

My takaways

“As I reflect on the transformational experience that couples therapy offered me, I am inspired to extend my hand in support to others. I am eager to offer my assistance in various ways, as I believe that the lessons I've learned can be of value to those navigating similar paths..”

As your therapist I can help

Address emotional issues

I may facilitate an environment where both individuals are encouraged to openly express difficult emotions, such as fear, jealousy, and anger. This can serve as a means to delve into each partner's past traumas and the ways in which these experiences may be influencing the dynamics within the relationship.

Build stronger understanding

Effective communication is a learned skill that demands dedicated study and practical application. My aim is to create a secure and nurturing environment, where both partners are encouraged to articulate their emotions, thoughts, and needs, facilitating the development of a profound mutual understanding.

Resolve Conflict

I assist couples in identifying the underlying issues that lead to conflicts, help couples develop strategies for resolving disagreements in a constructive manner to reduce destructive patterns of interaction.

Cope with Life Transitions

Significant life transitions, such as the arrival of parenthood, career shifts, or relocation, often exert stress on relationships. I offer support in navigating these pivotal moments and fostering adaptability as a couple. One therapeutic approach I employ involves prompting couples to engage in reflective exercises, exploring their inherent strengths, shared aspirations, and the qualities that initially brought them together.

Rekindle Intimacy

I offer guidance to partners seeking to rekindle their intimacy and strengthen their emotional and physical bond. As part of this process, I may recommend therapeutic exercises and activities designed to reignite the flames of passion and foster a deeper sense of closeness.

If you’d like more information about starting couples therapy, get in touch today.

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