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Digital nomads, let me support your dreams of global citizenship

The island of Hawaiʻi


The pandemic has brought about significant changes in lifestyles, prompting some, including myself, to embrace a more nomadic way of living. In 2021, I made the move from New York City to Los Angeles with a deep desire to explore the West Coast. Before that, I even ventured to the Big Island of Hawaii to explore the possibility of remote work from there. However, I encountered challenges, from the early morning wake-up calls to the struggle of building social connections, which ultimately led to a shorter stay in Hawaii.


If you are embarking on a similar nomadic journey, I commend your courage and determination. It's important to acknowledge that every choice comes with its own set of considerations. You might find yourself missing the social connections and support networks that a more stable, location-based lifestyle can offer. Coordinating work across different time zones could be exhausting, and accessing local healthcare and health insurance at your temporary residences might be a concern. Cultural differences and language barriers can also create apprehension.


As a fellow nomad, I'm here to offer support in understanding the stress and anxiety that may accompany your unique lifestyle. We can explore your current coping mechanisms and identify the strengths that can support your needs while helping you overcome the challenges that come with a nomadic lifestyle. Together, we'll work on developing new skills and strategies to sustain your long-term journey and establish and maintain meaningful relationships along the way.

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